Hey there! My name is Jenn McKenna, and I'm the founder of McKizzo Ink, a digital art, surface pattern design and illustration brand based in Toronto and Prince Edward Island (PEI) Canada. I've fallen in love with creating digital surface patterns and creating digital art. I start my day drawing on my ipad, because I love the way it allows me to experiment. My work is inspired by mid century modern design and vintage colour palettes. I love bright, bold colours and my goal is to design patterns that you won’t find anywhere else. My summer cottage in PEI by the sea also inspires me, and so do my pets ~ a pack of 2 Hungarian Puli Sheepdogs and two tabby kittens. I hope you find something that you love in my shop.
 “The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before.” ~ Neil Gaiman