Emi Collection

The Emi Collection showcases original art work and designs from Guest Artist, Emese Orosz. Emese is a good friend of mine who lives in Budapest, Hungary. She is a very talented artist, and I'm very lucky that she accepted my invitation to share her designs in my online shop. 



Emese Orosz, Guest Artist

“Even the sunset is most beautiful when irregular clouds cover the sky, because that is the only way to show the many colors from which dreams and poems are born. ” 

~ Paolo Coelho 

Emese Orosz has a teaching degree and a degree in humanities. Emese has been teaching drawing and painting, and has a great deal of experience painting with oil and acrylic. Her goal is to make sure that her students love painting. She makes sure that her students learn to paint, and also to take risks and dare to create freely, and learn to experience the joy of creation. 

Emese has been painting for over ten years, working on canvas with oil paint or acrylic paint. Her favorite themes are poppies and landscapes. Emese paints to music, and she leads the brush as if the music is guiding her and showing her how to express herself. This is when the colors colors she puts on the palette come to life on the canvas, it’s like a dance of light and shadow. Through music, she gives herself over to painting, where nothing matters but what breaks to the surface from the inside: the child who lives inside her. Painting and creating to music is how Emese plays...